Hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of the internet where I will be entertaining you with small snippets from my life!

I LOVE baking and thought why not finally use this to start blogging about all the delightful treats I bake or cook from a healthcare professionals take. 

I am a doctor by profession and come from a very scientific background so watch this space for all the weird and wonderful insights that comes with being part of the NHS and being a scientist. This doesn’t mean I am going to skip the butter and chocolate goodness in my receipes! Oh no! We’re having all of that. 

Of course no blog would be complete without the added travel posts. I am lucky to have an amazing partner in crime who likes to travel the world with me. He may make an appearance on my posts from time to time, just to throw in that perspective from a male point of view. Plus, it’s sometimes nice to know what the other ones thinking. We all need that advice. Don’t we.

Lifestyle, travel, baking, cooking and of course medicine. Inspiration, from me to you, to you to me. Welcome to my life.


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