Thoughts on blogging

Hi all. Once again I’ve been pretty terrible at posting. Sorry! Since the start of 2022 I’ve been thinking about changing my approach towards blogging.

I feel the reason I struggle to post so frequently is because of the way I have focused my blog page. I always over think about what I’m going to write about, will it be interesting, whether it’s current or does it even fit my theme.

So I’ve thought and thought and have decided that from now on this blog is going to be about my day, what I’ve learnt from it and my reflections. Obviously some days may be better then others and I guess I won’t be able to write daily (most likely weekly) but when I feel like I need to rant, reflect and focus, I will come here. I guess you can call it an online journal.

I will however still write the odd travel post and recipe because I cannot completely move away from that as I love baking, cooking and traveling as well as writing and just want others to read about all the things that are important to me.

So I hope you continue reading as I try to blog my way through life.



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