Difficulties With Death

Hello, how are you? Good I hope. How has your week been? My week has been a bit of an emotional one this week as I’ve had to deal with death.

Death. A difficult word that can mean so many different things to one person. The death of a loved one, a pet or even a relationship.

I lost my beloved Uncle this week and my pet chicken Brick. Both were unexpected and brought about so many different emotions. I’d not seen my Uncle for nearly 3 years as he lived abroad so we never got to see each other, partly due to the pandemic.

I say because of the pandemic but the truth is that I never actually did call or text him. Not once did I ask my Father how he was. I just got on with my life and assumed he was okay. I forgot that he was my Dads brother, his sibling and that they both had memories together, they all had a life before we came along. His death made me realise how selfish we can be. Yes life is busy, it’s fast and we are always on the go but sometimes we should take 5 minutes and just think about whether we can help anyone or even just ask them about their day. I don’t know how my Dad has felt these past few days. He must be broken. So far away from his family, so far away from those memories. So brave.

Now let’s talk about Brick. Feisty Brick. Brave Brick. My first ever pet.

Growing up I never understood how someone could get so attached to an animal but now I get it. It’s like there’s something/ someone always present. Loves you unconditionally and whom you can care for. Brick really helped my husband and I at a time where we were both struggling with so many things. She became our child in a way.

Weetabix loving, toast munching, rice loving Brick. We will miss you. Your time was up and that’s okay.

Death is the only thing that is guaranteed so if we all know we are going to go one day then why are we so stubborn and angry all the time? If we know that our time in this world is limited then why do we hold onto grudges. Be happy, be kind, help others as we never know when it’s going to be the last time we will see someone. Let things go.

As a doctor I see death nearly every day and I see families talking about their loved ones who died in the best way. I always wish they would have done the same whilst they were alive. Imagine how happy that would have made them. Maybe people do that because it helps them feel better and reduces the regrets that they have.

Let’s pray for those who have passed but let’s also pray for those who are here, present. Let’s hope we can change our ways so we’re not regretful of what we’ve done.



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