Happy International Women’s Day

Strong, brave and fearless. These are the words my husband used to describe me yesterday when I asked him. At first I was like hmm okay as all 3 of these words are pretty similar. Am I not kind? Am I not Caring?

‘why do you want to be described as kind and caring only? You can be that and more’. He said

It made me happy to think that he looks at me as the strong one, the one who is brave enough to take risks and someone who never fears to try new things.

And you know what…

I agree with him. Yes, I’m bloody strong, brave and fearless. I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve pulled myself up from the bottom. I became fearless. I had a goal and I achieved it regardless of everything going on around me. I didn’t stop. I don’t want to be described as only kind or caring. I am all of those things but I am also strong, brave and fearless.

So Happy International Women’s Day to all those strong, brave and fearless queens! Live your lives to the full and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Life is hard so lets support the amazing women in our lives.