Do you believe in Fate/Destiny

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

Fate/Destiny. Weird isn’t it. Sometimes things happen at a time in your life where you just know that it was meant to be. It’s happened to me. It’s happened to people I know.

For instance, my husband and I went to the same university, we knew the same people. I’d even heard about him. When I started medical school, he left and I NEVER met or saw him at university. Not once.

We were 5 years apart at medical school but still, out of nowhere we found each other. Nobody would have EVER and I mean EVER thought that we would end up marrying each other, let alone be friends.

It always makes me think that we were walking, talking, living in the same place, perhaps he was even working in the same hospital whilst I was training. Did we walk past each other? We must have driven past each other at some point? I recall hearing a friend speak about him and I asked ‘who’s he’ and then replying ‘cool’ not knowing that I was talking about my future husband.

Destiny? I think so! Meant to be? Yes. What is meant to be will be. We just have to go along with the ride and stay happy.

There’s many other instances in my life where I have been astounded by how things have happened. A lot of the time it’s not been easy but each time I’ve come out the other end learning and knowing that if it wasn’t for this hardship then I wouldn’t have what I have now.

So, YES. I believe in fate & destiny! I believe some things are written and meant to be! ❤️


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