Growing up I used to spend time with my Mother in the kitchen. I would have my revision notes in one hand, as I ALWAYS had exams round the corner (life of a medical student) but I would watch her cook 5 different dishes literally in one go. I would help her do bits and bobs here and there but never really did the whole process of cooking a whole meal.

Obviously I am now married and have a husband to feed who isn’t very fussy to be fair but we both like food. We have a rule that we have to eat at least one meal a day together, which ends up being dinner as we both work but we use food as a tool to make sure we spend and have time for each other.

The recipes on this page will express that warmth, kindness and love. The kind you get from your Mother or the kind you have for your other half. Whatever kind of love.

Regardless who you will be cooking these lovely recipes for, we are sure they will bring you the same delight and comfort that it brings us. I mean we are talking about a super cheesy shepherds pie here or crispy fried chicken with home made chips. Doesn’t get better than that right!