It is what it is…

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

It is what it is.

That would be my opening statement for my autobiography. Not your usual opening but it’s an important saying for me.

So many times I’ve faced situations in my life that I’ve had no idea how to deal with but then I’ve realised, some things are way out of my hands and I can’t fix them straightaway or at all.

Growing up that feeling of being out of control, being out of my comfort zone or just not having an action plan would make me anxious. I would spend days being upset about it, asking God ‘why me’, ‘why am I always struggling’. It was always one thing after another, no break, no time to breath or float.

What you don’t realise, is that when you go through tough situations that you can’t change, that weren’t caused by you, you start to see things differently. You become resilient and nothing fazes you. May that be you health, education or relationships. Nothing moves you.

You begin to just go along, slowly, drifting and not letting anything affect you…

You learn that the only person you can improve is yourself. You realise it’s you. If you don’t let it affect you and you don’t let the situation move you then you won’t let anything or ANYONE affect you. You will automatically be calm, resilient and confident.

Now this I tell you, will ABSOLUTELY scare those who are trying to break you, who are trying to get under your skin. It’s a skill. Our mind is an amazing place so we should use it to our advantage if we are able to.

We can’t always change the situation but we can change ourselves. I have long way to go yet and by no means am I always calm in all situations but I know that sometimes…

It is what it is.